TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage Review

Hi and welcome to TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage review! Here we will explain and give pointers to future and existing small bird owners about this product. If you are on the market on buying one be sure to read the whole review!

Owning a flock of small birds such as parakeets and finch doesn’t have to be a problem, especially if you have the correct bird cage to go along with your bird keeping efforts.

Why We Chose This Birdcage For A Review?

There are several reasons why we picked TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage for a review, some of the most prominent being the ease of use and quick and easy assembly. This birdcage can be easily used in outdoor conditions as well as indoor, given that you have designated room for its placement and the bird keeping conditions are met.

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Birdcage Outdoor Use

TRIXIE’s birdcage comes with waterproof coating which makes it perfect for outdoor use. The coating itself is sturdy enough to keep the moisture out of the cage. Heavy rain, light snow and other environmental effects are easily sustained, keeping your birds dry and safe.

It’s important to mention that your birds will require proper outdoor accommodation conditions even with this bird cage. You will need to make sure your birds are safe, warm and that their bird cage is clean. Also, try to look for a windproof place in which to position your TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage. This will ensure your birds can keep their body warmth even when the wind is pretty strong outside and the temperature drops.

Indoor Use

For bird owners that can allocate enough room for the indoor placement of TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage it’s much easier to manage your birds. In addition to ease of access to your birds, placing the birdcage indoors will provide better protection for your birds, especially if your birds are not used to certain climates.

It’s recommended to keep your birds indoors at first and slowly adjust them to the outdoor weather conditions. This can be done by slowly reducing or increasing temperature and humidity in the controlled indoor setting.

Even if you plan to keep your birds indoors, remember to regulate their indoor climate to try and match their natural habitat conditions. By doing this you are giving your birds the best possible chances to prosper and be healthy. Altho the TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage comes with horizontal bars that are great for climbing and fixing toys it’s advisable to provide your birds with additional toys. There is also a side flap for attaching birdbath which the birds simply love.

TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage Main Features

Keeping TRIXIE Pet Products Aviary Birdcage clean and dry is really easy. It comes with pull out tray made of plastic material and an extra floor grid to ensure easy cleanup of the cage.

Wooden material that’s used in this specific birdcage is CARB Phase II compliant which means it’s safe for your birds and will last for a long time because of its quality and coating.

Since it’s pretty large in measurements (31 x 31 x 71 Inches) it can easily accommodate dozens of smaller birds. It’s spacious and can even be used for some bigger birds, but, of course, in smaller numbers.

What we loved:

  • Sturdy Design
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick and Easy Assembly

What we found irritating:

  • The Price Is a Bit Steep
  • Not Suitable For Larger Number Of Bigger Birds


Overall this is a great birdcage. It has some drawback as its price, however it makes up for it with a quality design and bonus accessories it comes equipped with. For people that are not handy in assembling stuff this birdcage is a must buy. Other birdcages might not be so quick and easy to assemble!

If you are looking for a quality birdcage that will last you great number of years to come – TRIXIE Pet Products Natura Aviary is your best buy!

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